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Our mission is to produce commercially valuable, readily marketable transportation and heating fuels, petrochemicals and clean feedstock for electricity generation that are completely compatible with today’s existing petroleum-based distribution infrastructure and today’s home and commercial furnaces, power generation and engine systems by reliably and economically refining abundant, low-utility domestic coal through the environmentally benign Charfuel® Coal Refining Process.


Carbon Fuels, LLC is an energy development company focused on the commercialization of its breakthrough Charfuel® Coal Refining Process. The organization of the company and its subsidiaries is designed for efficient development and operational flexibility. Carbon Fuels, LLC is a holding company that holds the rights to all of the process technology relating to the Charfuel® Coal Refining Process. Carbon Fuels Development, LLC is a wholly owned development company which will undertake development of the 500/2,500 TPD Commercial Demonstration Facility, and which owns and operates the 18 TPD Integrated Commercial Development Unit (ICDU) located at Hazen Research in Golden, Colorado. Coal Refining Corporation of America, Inc. is an operating company having the master U.S. license for the Charfuel® technology. U.S. commercial projects, licenses and joint ventures are handled by this entity. Carbon Fuels Trading, LLC handles all foreign licenses and off-shore projects, as well as foreign joint ventures.



As President and CEO of Carbon Fuels, Mr. Meyer oversees all areas of Carbon Fuels, LLC and its subsidiaries, including business development, strategic planning, engineering and technology development, marketing, and operations. Mr. Meyer was a key member of the team that originally developed the Charfuel® technology, which included financial support from the State of Wyoming. Mr. Meyer has more than 35 years of experience as a corporate executive, chief counsel, patent attorney, chemist and entrepreneur. Mr. Meyer formerly held executive positions with Texaco, Total Petroleum, Diamond Shamrock, and Alcan Aluminum, and began his career as an aerospace engineer at Martin Marietta.  His corporate management work included extensive experience in the petroleum refining and coal mining industries. As an attorney, Mr. Meyer headed the intellectual property departments at several large national law firms. Mr. Meyer also has extensive experience in intellectual property identification, counseling, valuation, protection, patent prosecution, and patent/trademark litigation. He has also served on the leadership counsel of the Denver Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Meyer earned BS degrees in Chemistry and Political Science, an MBA, and a Juris Doctor with honors from the University of Wyoming, and also an MS of Technology Management from the University of Denver. Mr. Meyer has also taught graduate-level intellectual property law, management systems, and technology management courses.


As Vice President of Finance, Mr. Altman oversees all financial matters and strategic forecasting for Carbon Fuels, LLC and its subsidiaries, including business development and strategic planning.  Mr. Altman brings public tax and industry accounting, as well as financial planning and modeling expertise to Carbon Fuels.  He was a part of a team that created a private capital firm focusing on developing and emerging companies in the fields of energy, technology and mineral resources.  Mr. Altman was a CPA with Coopers & Lybrand, Fidelity Investments, and several smaller firms.  He has worked with companies in sectors of software, biotechnology, energy consulting, construction, real estate, mutual funds, and venture capital.  Mr. Altman holds a BS in industrial economics from Union College and a joint MS/MBA degree from the Graduate School of Professional Accounting at Northeastern University.


Dr. Papas brings a wide range of technical expertise to the Carbon Fuels team. Among other roles, Dr. Papas serves as the senior project engineer of Carbon Fuels’ 18 TPD Integrated Commercial Development Unit at Hazen Research and is an expert in POX burner technology. Dr. Papas is one of the few engineers in the world with deep expertise in the core technologies upon which the Charfuel® process relies. Dr. Papas has published and conducted groundbreaking research in many areas of combustion and fluid mechanics, including reacting mixing layer dynamics and instabilities, metal combustion, ignition of solid fuels, solid propellants, thermo-acoustic oscillations in industrial combustors, high-temperature fuel oxidation kinetics, and flame extinction. Dr. Papas was previously a National Research Council Fellow at the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, DC. For eight years, he was a Senior Lecturer at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne, Switzerland. Since 2004, Dr. Papas has been an Associate Professor at the Colorado School of Mines. Dr. Papas holds a BS degree in Aerospace Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, an MA in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering from Princeton University, and a Ph.D. in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering from Princeton University. At Princeton, he was awarded an AFRAPT Fellowship.



Mr. Farris is in charge of engineering the downstream process parameters and components for Carbon Fuels’ 18 TPD Integrated Commercial Development Unit, as well as the scale-up of the project to 500 TPD.  He is responsible for integration and design of the chemical process portion of the Charfuel® process, including developing and integrating the P&IDs, piping, and instrumentation specifications.  Mr. Farris has worked in the chemical, petroleum refining, energy, and environmental engineering fields for over 30 years, with emphasis on hydro-cracking design and process constructions.  Mr. Farris has extensive experience in commercialization of petroleum based-processes.  He also has expertise in complex chemical reactions and their thermodynamics, as well as pressure systems for refining hydrocarbon products.  Mr. Farris is a licensed professional engineer in Texas, Colorado, Indiana, and Arizona, and also has extensive experience in commercial plant commissioning and operations.  Mr. Farris received a BS in Petroleum Refining, as well as an MS in Chemical Engineering, from the Colorado School of Mines.


Hazen Research, Inc. plays a critical role in Carbon Fuels’ commercialization of the Charfuels® Coal Refining Process. Hazen Research (founded in 1961) is an internationally recognized firm of 120 professionals that performs industrial research and development for clients in the energy, minerals/mining, metallurgical, chemical, and environmental industries. Hazen’s services include laboratory-scale research on new processes and adaptation of known technologies to new situations, followed by pilot plant demonstrations, preliminary engineering, and cost analysis. Projects range from beaker-scale experiments and analyses to multimillion-dollar continuous pilot plants or demonstration plants. Working with Hazen Research allows Carbon Fuels to outsource many engineering and testing/analysis functions, allowing the internal Carbon Fuels team to focus on broader technology development, strategic planning and business execution functions. In addition, Hazen has overseen the construction and operation of Carbon Fuels’ 18 TPD Integrated Commercial Development Unit on Hazen’s main site in Golden, Colorado.

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