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World supplies of oil are dwindling, making this critical resource increasingly expensive and volatile. Many scientists and oil industry professionals believe that the global production of oil has reached its peak, and that any new discoveries of crude oil will be of reserves that are either smaller or more difficult to drill (or both), making it more expensive and technically challenging to recover. Many believe the era of cheap, plentiful oil is over.

Moreover, the United States’ dependence on foreign oil (now accounting for nearly 70% of the total U.S. supply) not only weakens the U.S. dollar and our economy on the whole, but is singly responsible for approximately 1/3 of the entire U.S. trade deficit, amounting to hundreds of billions of dollars per year. This money is sent overseas, forcing the U.S. to borrow large sums of money from foreign nations to finance this debt, further  weakening the United States’ monetary position. This dependence on foreign oil also subjects America to reliance on regions and nations that are politically unstable or even hostile to U.S. interests, and unnecessarily exposes the U.S. to geopolitical conflicts over resources.

The United States’ industrial infrastructure and way of life is greatly dependent upon inexpensive and readily available crude oil. Without a plentiful, available substitute for oil, current and future generations will live in a very different world, with a dramatically altered way of life. Recent oil price spikes have demonstrated that these vulnerabilities are not matters that will only be experienced in future decades, but are indeed present today.

The award-winning, fact-based documentary “A Crude Awaking: The Oil Crash” highlights the vulnerabilities that result from the United States’ (and the world’s) oil dependency, and the impending crises that could result from an exhausted oil supply. International experts are called upon to give compelling testimony of the risks we face from an oil-dependent future.

The only way to ensure the U.S. is not exposed to these oil-dependency risks is to develop true replacements for crude oil—such as the clean refining of America’s most abundant energy resource: coal.

The documentary has been aired on the Sundance Channel (see and is available for purchase in DVD stores and through online DVD merchants.



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