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The Charfuel®
Coal Refining Process

Discover the only clean coal technology that refines coal into transportation fuels, electricity generation feedstock, and petrochemicals, as well as ammonia and sulfur, while inexpensively removing all pollutants, leaving no carbon footprint behind.

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Coal is America's Most Abundant Natural Resource

A Resource That is Far Too Valuable To Burn

Treating raw coal as a refinery feedstock, rather than a fuel, overcomes numerous negatives traditionally associated with the use of this inexpensive, abundant, high energy density domestic energy resource. The CharFuel® Coal Refining Process meets the criteria for near-term reduction of foreign oil dependency, as well as the environmentally compliant generation of abundant, cheap electricity using existing power distribution infrastructure.

A Paradigm Shift in Coal Utilization

An Emerging Commercial & Proprietary Patented Technology

Carbon Fuels, LLC developed a breakthrough commercial process for the clean, efficient conversion of the world’s most abundant natural resource: coal. The CharFuel® Coal Refining Process refines raw coal in conceptually the same manner as crude oil is refined to cleanly and economically produce high-value liquid fuels, petrochemicals, and clean power plant feedstock. The CharFuel® Coal Refining Process is not a supplemental source of alternative energy, but is a predominant source.

High Energy Coal Conversion Leading the Clean Energy Revolution

Crude oil refining converts almost 90% of the energy in crude oil to clean refined products. CharFuel® coal refining converts 85%-90% of the energy in coal into clean refined products, requiring no process water and emitting no CO2. By contrast, other coal conversion technologies produce more CO2, require process water, and are far less efficient than the CharFuel® Coal Refining Process.

Environmentally Compliant

Air Pollutant Emissions
100 %
Removes Pollutants
Sulphur, Nitrogen, Chlorine & Mercury
100 %
Only Uses Raw Coal & Air
No external process water
Carbon Emissions
100 %
No Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Minimal carbon footprint
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Can We Sustain Our Lifestyle & Economy with Wind Energy?

With Environmentally Benign Use of High Energy Density Coal, We Can Sustain Our Lifestyle and Economy for the Foreseeable Future!